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  • Our Dental Practice understands that complaints can be a useful source of information about the patient’s perspective of our services and can be used as a resource for contributing to professional development (see Clinical Audit Policy).
  • Staff should be aware that complaints are frequently resolved by giving the complainant an opportunity to air their grievance and receive an explanation of the issues involved. If the complainant knows that they are being listened to and taken seriously, they will often respond in a more positive manner.
  • Any patient wishing to make a complaint is taken into a private area and time given to hear the complaint in full. If the complainant is not the patient, written consent must be provided by the patient on whose behalf the complaint is lodged.
  • When a complaint is made, the Manager will record the relevant information on a complaint form, which is then signed by the patient.
  • It is explained to the patient that the matter will be investigated and a report or acknowledgement will be supplied within two working days. The complaint form is referred immediately to practice management.
  • Depending on the nature of the complaint, the practice management will endeavour to resolve the complaint as far as possible to the patient’s satisfaction.
  • The patient is informed of the outcome in writing. In the case of minor matters the patient may be informed by telephone.

Our Dental practice follows the national time limits for complaints as follows:

A written acknowledgement is sent within two working days (unless a full reply can be completed within five working days)

A full response is sent within 20 days or where an investigation is ongoing, a full response is sent within five days of its conclusion.

  • At all times the patient will be supported in their access to this procedure.
  • Patients should be assured that having raised a complaint, it will not affect their standard of care and treatment in any way.
  • If the patient remains unhappy with the way the complaint has been handled, they can contact the Dental Complaints Service (a department of the GDC) for further help and support.

Their contact details are:

Dental Complaints Service
The Lansdowne Building
2 Lansdowne Road

The Pro Forma section of this file provides pro forma as follows:

A copy of the Patients Complaint Procedure, which is given to each to each complaint.
A template for a letter to be sent to the complainant
A template for the complaint log

  • Our Dental Practice maintains a log of all complaints received. This log summarises the complaint and any action taken.
  • The log of complaints must be made available to the Care Quality Commission upon request.

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