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Type of Braces

Metal orthodontic braces

Metal orthodontic braces are made from stainless steel and have been used for many years. While they are relatively inexpensive they are the most cost effective and are still considered the cheapest of all the fixed appliance options.

Metal orthodontic braces.
Clear ceramic orthodontic braces

Clear ceramic orthodontic braces

These are much less visible and look more natural than metal braces, as they blend in with your teeth. White wires can be used to further improve the aesthetics.

Invisalign® appliances

These are an ever increasing and popular choice for people since they are practically invisible.
Invisalign® braces are computer designed and made of a clear plastic. A series of aligners are constructed and changed every two weeks. They are worn fulltime but removed for eating and brushing your teeth. Our orthodontists have been trained by Align Technologies, the company that manufactures Invisalign,

St Marks Orthodontics Metal Orthodontic Braces
St Marks Orthodontics Metal Orthodontic Braces

Lingual & Incognito orthodontic braces

Lingual orthodontic braces are attached on the inside of the teeth and are the preferred option for people who want their braces to be truly invisible.

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